if you watched the news tonight…

and did not know anything about New Orleans – you would conclude that it is a dangerous place with a football team that cheats…

not only is that wrong…

New Orleans is not a dangerous place… most of the violence occurs in a couple of areas and is gang/drug related.

and the football allegation may or may not be blown out of proportion..

But we are so much more… and we are unique.. and while we have a dark side that is only a small portion of what we are….

we are people so devout that we think we can pray the violence off our streets

we are sports fans so loyal that we filled the Superdome year after year cheering for a losing team (and we suspect it pisses people off that it is not a losing team anymore)…

we realize that “lives shall not be sweated from birth”.. that life needs laughter and joy as much as provender..

and that yah, life is hard sometimes, but it is what you make it…

music fills the air here – much of what America thinks of as “American Music’ was born right here.. and is still being born.

We throw festivals that boggle the mind.. French Quarter Fest where there are stages on the river and all through the quarter and you cannot find a grim silence anywhere..

Jazz Fest … that can only be described as Woodstock times ten..seven days of all that is good about New Orleans food, culture, and American music..

and Mardi Gras…

and food so tempting that the taste can make you weep..

le bon temps roule..

We are New Orleans.

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