da agony of the da blog

When I started this blog, I wasn’t going to write about me. Not a bit, not once. Oh, no. What I intended to write about was my chosen city, New Orleans. I wanted this blog to talk about our quirks, our passions, and the unique inhabitants of the Crescent City.

I started this blog to give a voice to post-Katrina New Orleans; not to wail about Katrina but to talk about what we are now that the storm has passed.

I wanted it to be upbeat, humorous, and thoughtful.

Then I hit a wall. I attempted to point out and explain the very real differences between the native-born New Orleanian and those who came here at some later point in their life. And it came out, no matter how many times I worked at it – garbled and somewhat schizoid. I gave it to a friend to edit and she commented on my “renegade approach to grammar”. I wrote it again. Still flawed. I am now on my second editor, the first having thrown up her hands and declined to go further. I haven’t given up. I continue to believe that the points I am trying to make are interesting and have value. But I am not there yet.

So accordingly, I will stop fretting about that post, remove the rather embarrassing one that is still posted, and go forward. Carnival is in full swing. Mardi Gras is soon followed by French Quarter Fest and Jazz Fest. I will apply a little of the native’s laissez faire and perhaps I will get it right and post it one day.

Le bon temps roule!

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  • Glenn Meche  On February 18, 2012 at 10:22 pm

    Ted, take it from an old hand at this game, this is how you do it: Write down what you want to say, edit it for any embarrassing grammatical or spelling errors, then click the button to publish the damn thing, and don’t look back.

  • tcarterwork  On February 18, 2012 at 10:28 pm

    Good advice Glen. Thank you!

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